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Don't just Run. Fly. 

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Reinventing Running

A portable track rabbit available to anyone

Despite being the world's oldest sport, running seems to have the least sporting innovation.  Knowing how much innovation can give a competitive edge, we founded PaceDrone, which is an app that directs a drone to set a pace for onlooking athletes who follow at constant speed, thereby running at a perfect pace and exerting themselves optimally.


PaceDrone works by flying in view of a pack of runners just like a human pacesetter.  However, our product controls pace more evenly, it will be available to all runner levels, and it can take over entire workouts for coaches.



Tests with the first PaceDrone prototype reveal that it can complete routes within two seconds of its intended mission duration.  This means that an athlete can simply follow the drone and trust that they will reach their intended goal.



PaceDrone is an easy-to-understand solution that has a user-friendly user experience (shown below) so that any athlete may use our product with ease.



By nature of how it works, PaceDrone can be set up with variable pace, rest time, and repetitions before a training begins.  Coach can enter a training regiment beforehand and delegate managing practice to a drone instead of an assistant coach with a stopwatch.

The App

How It Works


Connect to Drone 

Our current prototype communicates with a mobile device via satellite.  A mobile device and drone must be outside and near enough to each other to connect.



Choosing a Route

A user must choose to either create a route or load an already created route.  To create a route, a user must walk the path and record points before allowing the drone to take a caution trip prior to training with it.



Setting Parameters

Once a route has been chosen and the drone is placed close enough to the start point, the user must input parameters like pace and rest time.  If the route is a closed loop, one might also input a count for repetitions.



The Go Screen!

This is where a user can launch the mission!  After pressing go, the drone will complete its mission within given parameters.  A mission can be aborted anytime after pressing go.


Our Story

Created By Runners For Runners

Frustrated by how difficult it was to compete at their A-game without other runners in competition and training, our founders predicted that a running companion they could rely on to stay on track could be of immense value.  Since then, PaceDrone has developed a physical prototype that can fly a variable pace for any unobstructed route at ten feet in the air.  It will continue to be tested with our team and athletic programs in the near future.

About Us

What Stakeholders Say To Us

“Rabbits [Human Pacesetters] often make mistakes.”

2020 Tokyo Olympian

“I'd imagine with a properly measured Vo2 max and anaerobic threshold levels, a runner could do wonders with a proper pacing device.”

High School Cross Country Coach

“PaceDrone could help me coach, instead of being a clock.”

High School Track Coach

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